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Employees no longer need to take a lunch break or time off work to visit their chiropractor for optimal function. Instead, they only need to take 15 minutes away from their desk (about the length of a coffee break!) to get their spine checked in office. It is a convenient and functional solution for the workplace.

In fact, those employees who received regular chiropractic care were found to be more productive and present at work. The term “present absenteeism” was coined to describe employees who are physically present at work yet are not fully invested in their work while there due to distractions, pain, etc. Regular chiropractic care has been shown to significantly drop this new workplace epidemic.

Corporate Chiropractic

There are benefits for the corporations as well. In fact, companies spend up to $46.9 billion annually for pain-related present absenteeism. Corporations can also save up to 21% of a salary to hire and train a new employee when a current employee leaves the job due to pain.

Wellness initiatives implemented in companies get a great return on investment: for every $1 spent, the company saves between $2-3 dollars on medical costs and absenteeism. Fewer exams, lab work, emergency room visits, ambulatory services, and exploratory procedures were seen with regular chiropractic care available to employees.

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