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How we help …. Neck pain.

June 26, 2017
Health News

One of the most common conditions chiropractors see and treat is neck pain. According to the National Institute of Health Statistics national survey, neck pain is the second most common form of pain in the United States (following back painand tied with headaches and migraines). An estimated three quarters of Americans will be affected by […]

Chiropractic Golf Tips

June 21, 2017
Health News

Millions of Americans love to get out on the course—but unfortunately many are injured while playing and 80 percent are back injuries. So before you head out to the green, read some of these tips to amp up your game and prevent injury. Stretch your entire body. Stretching before and after a game increases your […]

Ear Infections and Chiropractic Care

June 21, 2017
Children Health

Do you want an alternative treatment that works for your child’s ear infections? If you have kids, it’s likely you know a thing or two about ear infections. In the United States, five out of six children experience an ear infection by three years old. Children are more prone to ear infections due to their […]

Chiropractic provides enhanced recovery from Concussions

June 16, 2017

Stories of former athletes suffering with brain problems directly attributed to head trauma and multiple concussions arise every month. Documentaries and movies paint the vivid picture of exactly how these brain injuries occur and how they affect athletes, their families, and even their quality of life. Researchers who studied the brains of former athletes shared […]

5 Foods You THOUGHT Were Good For You

June 16, 2017
Food and Diet

Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there are a lot of foods out there that tout themselves as healthy and natural, when… they aren’t. While we wish so many of these foods were as good as they seemed, there are many other healthful alternatives. Bad news first, then we’ll give you some […]

Don’t Call in Sick to Your Chiropractic Appointment!

June 14, 2017

Just like you’d keep an appointment with your general practitioner when you’re sick, you should keep your chiropractic appointment. You may be inclined to call and cancel, but it’s far better that you come in to see the doctor and receive your adjustment. The Nervous System is Linked to the Immune System If you’re under […]

Prevent and Control High Blood Pressure with a Healthy Lifestyle

June 12, 2017
Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is lethal, especially since it has no symptoms. This silent killer can be the source of a stroke, heart failure, heart attack and kidney failure. Fortunately, healthy lifestyle habits can control the disease. High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, benign essential hypertension, HBP and HTN, occurs when the force of blood […]

Why Vitamin D is Critical During Pregnancy

June 7, 2017

You might not realize this—but vitamin D is absolutely critical during pregnancy, specifically during the second and third trimesters. In the United States, it’s estimated that 80 percent of pregnant women are deficient, and this is putting them at a higher risk for complications. Vitamin D is important for bone health and immune system function, […]